Sail Patient Portal

Sail Patient Portal is a secure platform to help manage the relationship and communications between Patients, Physicians, Clinics, and Licensed Producers. As a Patient, you can search for Clinics in your area, upload documents, get notifications from your Clinic, view different products, and more.

Scheduling made easy
Find and schedule appointments with cannabis friendly Clinics near you or that offer secure video conferencing.

Stay Organized
Receive notifications for appointment reminders, Medical Document expiry, and verification status updates

Register with a Licensed Producer
View products and register with the Licensed Producer of your choice

Connect with a Physician
With our secure videoconferencing application, you can visit your Physician and qualify from the comfort of your own home


Find the right product
Create a personalized profile, find the right strain, and track your outcomes


We strive to maintain the highest levels of security. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

Strain Finder

Strain Finder is a personalized application designed to help educate Patients on finding the right cannabis strains. Create a profile based on your medical needs, search recommended strains, and track your results.

Personalized Profile
Create a personalize profile based off your medical needs


Search Strains
Search our recommended products based on your profile


Tracking your Results
Share your ‘wish list’ with us and review the effectiveness of your product


We never reveal any Personal health identifiable information to anyone you do not permit access to. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

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